The sweetness from the Son La hydropower reservoir

Large hydroelectric projects such as Son La, Hoa Binh, Lai Chau, are the multi-purpose hydropower projects. In addition to the primary objective is to provide power for economic development, the exploitation of the potential and advantages of hydropower reservoirs brings significant economic value, especially for locals.
After 18 months, since the Son La Hydropower project officially inaugurated and put into operation, we first had the opportunity to return to Quynh Chew, where 5,000 households in the resettlement of Son La hydropower. Meet Mr. Ha Van Favorite – Head of Agriculture district, who have a lot of movement and seek economic development orientation for resettlement area farmers. He said: “What do Quynh Chew rice land, clearing all year round, only maize and maize. Recently added of rubber tree planting project on slopes tested. People here are still very poor. Anyway, who recounted suffering have emerged in the difficult but wise ones! Now much different then, invited journalists to come to me. “Said, he has pulled us out to the car.
Conversely along Highway 279, he took us to the old lands of the district. Pa Uon bridge, the car stopped, he said: “Come and know the place, invited to enjoy special attention to the lake!”. Opened the door, we heard a woman’s voice boomed: “Invite the boss to visit, you’re feeding them, look like as much of him, sir! Forecast, with this weather, I’m sure to win this year! “.

Son La hydropower reservoir brings great economic value – Photo X.Tien
Seeing our surprised by the words of the woman, he said immediately Liked: “This is cold-water fish farming Aquaculture Cooperative Hanh Loi, the first facility in Son La province license sturgeon farming in reservoir area. Shortly after the plans are approved, Nguyen Thi Loi, chairman of the cooperative (the woman said when we met) has invested in 24 cages, stocking 3,000 fingerlings. After almost one year, the average fish weight gain 2 to 2.5 kg / head and was able to sell for $ 300,000 VND / kg.
Brandishing a handful of fish food, she Loi said: “Raising fish here is very safe, stable water level, if there is anything wrong due to flood or flood, you are at the power plant prior notice let us prepare. ”

Looking scrambling to eat fish, we thought, if this pattern is replicated in the “tank” in this immense country, it would be an enormous potential of Son La.

Leaving Chewing Quynh, after more than three hours to move, he took us round Likes to Muong La district, where the Son La hydroelectric project is built. What the value of the work not only provides for annual country about 10 billion kWh of electricity, but also bring other economic benefits.

Pick me, Nguyen Van Tam – Head of Agriculture Muong La district. Not up to us to present the reasons for the trip, he said always: “The clock in the hydropower projects, especially Son La Hydropower project and the Nam Chien Hydropower very favorable for the development of hydro production. Unity of district leaders, we have to coordinate with agencies, businesses, creating favorable conditions for the development of aquaculture in general and sturgeons in particular the province of Muong La “.

How about 1km dams that fish farming company’s new North West Fish Games testing is adopted, so that each cage just drop from 120 to 300 children. Despite raising almost a year, but the sturgeon from Russia has quickly adapted to the climate, the weather here should grow fast. We now have the weight gain of 5.5 to 6 kg.

Led us to visit the cages, Tran Van Tuan – Deputy Director of the North West Company Sturgeon said, Son La hydropower reservoir water surface with thousands of hectares is great potential for aquaculture development in Son La planting, fishing and fish processing. To turn potential into reality, from the date of 1/17/2013, Company Limited Sturgeon Northwest has invested 3 project (Project seed and black sturgeon eggs, fish Project Development, Project Contact households with partners to raise sturgeon) with a total investment of 8.100 billion. Expected, from 2015, gives an average harvest of 260 tonnes of commercial fish / year; 2020 was 2,000 tons of commercial fish / year; 1 million fish seeds and will complete the construction of processing facilities sturgeon.

Still lightheaded with economic development prospects of sturgeon, his mind eagerly told us: “Listen journalists to sturgeon hydropower reservoir is” Buddha “to find out immediately”. Turns out, “he Buddha” was Mr. Hoang Minh Quality – Son La Provincial Council Chairman, the determination to reach the feeding fish here. Sitting watching the vast sky, he confided Quality: immediate Son La Province will invite consultants for evaluation and planning of aquaculture on hydropower reservoirs and detailed planning. After that, the province will coordinate with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Vietnam Electricity to build a unified planning on using and exploiting Son La hydroelectric reservoir. In the long term, will set up industrial parks focused aquaculture.

Northwest is an area traditionally known as the granary of poverty with corn of the country, but now, the large hydroelectric power plants reach the continent has brought greater resources for ethnic minorities here.

Just one more time, Lai Chau Hydropower complete national grid. Meanwhile, a vast reservoir between rolling Northwest continues to be formed, creating beautiful natural landscapes, more specifically, will create many benefits for the people of minority economic development.

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